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Dojensgara” is the Persian word for Bisexual. This website is one of the first projects Spectrum, a French Non Governmental Organization founded in July 2014 in Paris, France,  by 2 active members of this project with collaboration of a french feminist activist and lawyer.

Spectrum’s aim is to raise sensitiveness and awareness about gender based discriminations and feminism in all societies and communities. We believe in education as an important value and milestone of any social change. “Dojensgara”  aims to be the first non-biased secure source of information about bisexuality – and pansexuality – in Persian, not only to fulfill the existing gap, but also to give a voice to bisexuals from any gender.

We present other resources, including networks, groups, websites, books and movies on Bisexuality, mostly provided in English, while monitoring and examining the biphobia and biereasor among Persian media and writing articles. We also gather Iranian bisexual life stories of their experience of love, rejection, discrimination and successful relationships.

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